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About Robert Gagnard!

April 19, 2010

Residents of Sugar Mill Pond can thank Robert Gagnard for their community-oriented lifestyles in the Youngsville, Louisiana, neighborhood. Robert Gagnard serves as co-owner of real estate development firm RR Company of America, LLC, which designed and created Sugar Mill Pond. Under Robert Gagnard’s supervision, RR Company of America, LLC envisioned Sugar Mill Pond as a community that combined modern conveniences and amenities with the Southern traditions of Louisiana life. Families live within walking distance of a grocery store, a clinic, an athletic club, and a high school campus. Robert Gagnard’s future plans for Sugar Mill Pond include a second park, a food court, a CVS Pharmacy, and a Cafe Roma. Sugar Mill Pond also provides community-wide events like Fourth of July fireworks, holiday celebrations, charity walks, endurance races, and church services. As co-owner of RR Company of America, LLC, Robert Gagnard manages all properties developed by the firm. In addition to Sugar Mill Pond, Robert Gagnard and RR Company of America, LLC currently oversee properties throughout the United States, including gas and convenience stores, private and social clubs, blood plasma collection centers, and multiple-family residences. Robert Gagnard joined RR Company of America in 1995 after graduating from Commonwealth College in Houston, Texas. Robert Gagnard works from RR Company of America, LLC’s headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. Find out more about RR Company of America, LLC by visiting