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Good Tenant Practices, Part 1

December 20, 2010

By: Robert Gagnard

For you and your landlord to have a happy, productive relationship, each party must observe certain policies and practices. Follow our advice to learn how to be the best tenant possible.

-Bring Paperwork-

Arrange a first meeting with your landlord and bring the following paperwork: a completed rental application, which is usually available through the property’s website or rental office; three or more references; and a copy of your credit report. Your landlord will ask for this information anyway and by bringing it preemptively, you will demonstrate foresight and organization.

-Carefully Review Your Lease-

Your lease dictates all terms and conditions that you must follow. Before you sign your lease, review it several times to ensure all terms match those you and your landlord agreed upon.

-Get Everything in Writing-

By writing and signing all agreements, you and your landlord will know and understand what is expected of yourselves, and each other.

-Ask for Repairs-

Short of egregious damage that you inflict, landlords are obligated to keep rented property in excellent condition and to make repairs as quickly as possible. If something on your property malfunctions, contact your landlord right away.

-Understand and Protect Your Privacy Rights-

Part of your lease should include information on privacy, such as when and why your landlord can enter your property. Make sure your landlord provides notice prior to entering your property. Furthermore, you should talk with your landlord to discuss privacy concerns such as permission to enter the property when you are not on the premises.

Good Tenant Practices, Part 2


Becoming a Successful Property Manager, Part 1

December 20, 2010

By: Robert Gagnard

Failing to adhere to certain practices and policies can make a landlord’s job difficult. Follow our advice to get the most out of your property and tenants.

-Screen Your Tenants-

Never agree to lease property to a prospective tenant without first conducting a thorough screening: check credit history, call references, and complete a background check. Screenings take place in various stages, usually beginning with an application and leading to an in-person interview if their application has met your standards.

-Get Everything in Writing-

Contracts allow both parties to be aware of the terms each is expected to follow and allow each to hold the other accountable for their actions. No matter the type of lease you and your tenant decide on, make sure you and the tenant sign a contract that explicitly states the terms of your agreement.

-Purchase Insurance-

Before you rent out property to tenants, obtain insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits, theft, discrimination, injuries, and losses through fires and inclement weather. Liability and other types of insurance protect you and your property from harm and wrongdoing.

-Make Timely Repairs-

As a property manager, you are expected to keep your property in prime condition. When a property is unoccupied, perform routine maintenance inspections to keep it in prime condition. After a tenant occupies the property, quickly respond to any of their requests for maintenance in order to keep them happy and the property in good shape. In some cases, tenants are responsible for repairs. Talk to your tenants to work out such arrangements, and make sure they are included in your contract.

-Take Care of Security Deposits-

In most cases, tenants must pay a security deposit before moving into a property. Take care of the tenant’s security deposit and establish a system to collect, hold, and return the deposit when they vacate the property.

Becoming a Successful Property Manager, Part 2

IBR Plasmapheresis Centers

November 26, 2010

I am proud to be involved as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the fast-growing company International BioResources (IBR). In a period of two years, IBR has developed more than 30 new plasmapheresis centers throughout the nation. Plasmapheresis is the process whereby whole blood is removed, and red blood cells are separated from plasma. With the red blood cells returned to donors, the plasma is utilized in preparing medical products. At IBR centers, donors are accepted from anyone between the ages of 18-69 who has passed screenings for diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis, has undergone a medical examination, and has provided a full medical history. An adequate supply of plasma is of critical importance to the U.S. medical community, as more than 1 million patients rely on medicine utilizing plasma. Albumin is one such product, which is used to treat 120,000 burn victims and supply fluid replacement for some 200,000 heart surgery patients each year. Albumin is also a key ingredient in the manufacture of many biotech products. Immune Globulin is used to treat people exposed to infectious diseases when no vaccine is available and is also used in the treatment of rabies, hepatitis, measles, rabies, rubella, smallpox and chicken pox. Lastly, Plasma Protein Factor is a medical product prescribed for restoring plasma volume following shock, trauma, surgery, and burns. Because of the critical importance of maintaining an adequate supply of plasma nationwide, the plasmapheresis industry has developed a system of donor compensation, recognizing the substantial commitment of time and effort required of donors. Donors are allowed to make up to two donations of blood plasma per week, if they maintain a healthy diet with substantial amounts of fluids and proteins. It is my hope that IBR plasmapheresis centers can continue to expand in the future, providing a network of donation stations and adequate plasma supply to meet America`s critical health needs.

Robert Gagnard’s Cafe Roma

October 8, 2010

A successful real estate developer and the co-owner of the RR Company of America, Robert Gagnard has overseen numerous successful subsidiaries across Louisiana. One of these is Cafe Roma, an Italian and Mediterranean bistro with locations in Lafayette and Youngsville. Cafe Roma offers fresh bread made daily and a menu consisting of quality natural ingredients. Cafe Roma’s eat-in menu consists of appetizers, salads, entrees, pizzas, and sandwiches. On the appetizer menu, Cafe Roma features items such as feta and ricotta cheese rolls, baked garlic shrimp, seared tuna steak over Cannellini beans and spinach, Turkish flatbread, and hummus. In addition to offering Greek and Caesar salads, Cafe Roma also includes a salad made from seasonal Louisiana fruit such as Bosc pears, dried cranberries, and a strawberry champagne vinaigrette. All of Cafe Roma’s salad dressings are made daily from scratch. Entrees at Cafe Roma range from traditional pasta dishes such as lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo, and manicotti to locally inspired fare such as Cajun crawfish pasta or crawfish pesto pasta. In addition, Cafe Roma offers a range of fish dishes. Cafe Roma also maintains a catering business that features many of the restaurant’s most popular selections. Available in serving sizes ranging from 16 to 24 people, Cafe Roma offers a variety of dishes that can be combined in several ways. Customers have the choice of many types of custom-made pizzas, 10 types of sandwich, 7 pasta dishes, 2 hummus plates, and 2 types of salads. For more information on Cafe Roma’s selections, visit

RR Company – Carriage House Hotel

July 27, 2010

RR Company of America, LLC operates the Carriage House Hotel, a rustic and comfortable inn at the heart of the Village of River Ranch, a distinctive community in Lafayette, Louisiana. A boutique hotel, the Carriage House combines contemporary decoration with the Acadian hospitality for which Louisiana is known. The Carriage House contains 21 luxury hotel suites and six condominiums specially designed for extended stays. All members of the hotel staff are hired for their unerring commitment to customer satisfaction and make themselves available around the clock for all of your needs. The hotel is fully equipped with all modern amenities and is within walking distance of celebrated restaurants, small boutiques, and recreational centers. If you do not wish to leave the hotel, you can dine at its associated private restaurant, the City Club Grill & Bar, or enjoy lighter selections at the Oasis, which specializes in smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. Seasonally, lunch and dinner are also available directly at the Carriage House Hotel’s pool through the Beachside Grill & Tiki Bar. The Village of River Ranch is a blend of traditional and modern architecture with distinct neighborhoods that reflect the many cultures behind the state of Louisiana. Those staying at the Carriage House Hotel can experience the community’s incomparable sophistication and have free access to the local spa and the five local parks located in River Ranch. Whether you stay one night or one month, you can also visit the members-only City Club with its state-of-the-art fitness equipment, tennis courts, and programming for both children and adults. For an inside look at the Carriage House Hotel or to check on the hotel’s special offers, please visit its website.

RR Company – City Club of Lafayette

July 27, 2010

Affiliated with the RR Company of America, LLC, the City Club of Lafayette, which is located in the Village of River Ranch, was founded in 1978. Located in downtown Lafayette until 2002, the club then moved to River Ranch as the primary tenant of the Town Square. With a long list of amenities, the City Club has quickly established itself as the heartbeat of social life in River Ranch. A full-service health club, City Club provides cardiovascular equipment, strength training equipment, exercise classes, personal trainers, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, and a Mind & Body Studio. The club’s day spa, Riverspa, provides members with manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages, among other services. In addition, the members-only City Club Grill & Bar prepares creative and award-winning meals. For the kids, the City Club provides summer camps, youth fitness programs, a kids’ club, and a nursery. Food and wine enthusiasts are invited to join the City Club’s Wine Connoisseur’s Club, which hosts seven-dinner seasons and an elegant gala to celebrate the new year. Each dinner is intricately themed and professionally paired with wines that complement the unique menu. At the end of each event, members are able to purchase additional bottles of the wines that they especially enjoyed. Most recently, a Wine Connoisseur Club dinner featured South African wines. A highlight of the City Club is its gorgeous pool, which is equipped with distinctive water fountains and is open year-round. The club staff provides swimming lessons and can also help you design an exercise plan that will maximize the impact of water resistance. The pool is available for parties for both adults and children, and the club’s restaurant provides high-quality catering for any event from a birthday party to an evening poolside gathering.

About Robert Gagnard!

April 19, 2010

Residents of Sugar Mill Pond can thank Robert Gagnard for their community-oriented lifestyles in the Youngsville, Louisiana, neighborhood. Robert Gagnard serves as co-owner of real estate development firm RR Company of America, LLC, which designed and created Sugar Mill Pond. Under Robert Gagnard’s supervision, RR Company of America, LLC envisioned Sugar Mill Pond as a community that combined modern conveniences and amenities with the Southern traditions of Louisiana life. Families live within walking distance of a grocery store, a clinic, an athletic club, and a high school campus. Robert Gagnard’s future plans for Sugar Mill Pond include a second park, a food court, a CVS Pharmacy, and a Cafe Roma. Sugar Mill Pond also provides community-wide events like Fourth of July fireworks, holiday celebrations, charity walks, endurance races, and church services. As co-owner of RR Company of America, LLC, Robert Gagnard manages all properties developed by the firm. In addition to Sugar Mill Pond, Robert Gagnard and RR Company of America, LLC currently oversee properties throughout the United States, including gas and convenience stores, private and social clubs, blood plasma collection centers, and multiple-family residences. Robert Gagnard joined RR Company of America in 1995 after graduating from Commonwealth College in Houston, Texas. Robert Gagnard works from RR Company of America, LLC’s headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. Find out more about RR Company of America, LLC by visiting